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Iconoclastic Wellness creates experiences to motivate, inspire, relax and empower you. Through retreats, workshops, delicious food, humor, motivational courses and more - becoming an iconoclast has never been so rewarding! Break tradition with Molly and Jonathan and start living your joy - NOW.

STOP following your “supposed to” + START exploring your “want to”


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costa rica yoga retreat

august 6 - 11, 2019


november asheville recovery retreat

asheville recovery wellness retreat

nov 7 - 10, 2019



asheville recovery wellness retreat

october 10 - 13, 2019


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who says you can’t buy happiness


Join professional chef, Jonathan, on his movement to change lives, one bite at a time. Be transported with the simple and flavorful recipes of Soup Share. A tiny cookbook with big flavor - you'll soon understand the value of quality over quantity.

This four week audio course will help you identify the roadblocks that have stood in your way of success and happiness. This on-the-go class will transform your way of thinking about control, anger, acceptance and self-love. You will tap into your power and begin to shift your perspective and language to create the life you have always wanted. You will be shocked at what is possible as a result of using these simple tools.  

live with intention


7 easy ways to go zero waste


our 5 favorite items for tiny living


easy almond milk recipe

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Molly and Jonathan Pooler Full Time Dreamers

meet molly + jonathan

Craving a life filled with experiences instead of stuff - Molly and Jonathan sold their home in 2018, gave away most of their possessions and moved into their 152 square foot home on wheels.

After six months on the road, Molly and Jonathan created Iconoclastic Wellness in an effort to inspire others to get out and chase their happy.

Combining their passions for travel, intentional living, food, movement, and mindfulness - Iconoclastic Wellness blends all things joyful, with just a tad of rebellion.

Join Molly and Jonathan on this adventure to living a life beyond your wildest dreams - NOW.



 become an iconoclast, chase your happy

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