watch our life on the road on YouTube: Our Tiny Mess!


We’re guilty of using social media to showcase the best moments of our lives. And even if the captions describe hard times, the photos are still curated and perfect.

Well we're turning on the video camera to tell and SHOW you the real truth about tiny living.

Is it awesome? Definitely. Is it perfect? Absolutely not.

In this vlog, we share some pretty ridiculous moments about living on the road, living in a small space, and just ... living!


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tiny house renovated travel trailer tour

come on in!!!

Tune in to see how we live in 152 square feet with our two dogs! Living tiny is great BUT it gets messy really quick. In this video, we show you how quickly it gets cluttered and how quickly it cleans up! Don't miss this awesome tour PLUS hear all about why we love our composting toilet!


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