how to own your s#!t + live happy

an audio course

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In this course, I will teach you the exact methods I have used to let go of resentments and control in order to accept challenges, change situations, and live a life beyond my wildest dreams. When you complete this course, you will have access to everything you need to live a life filled with contentment and happiness. When anger and resistance arises, you will have the tools in place to let go with ease and love.

  • Identify what is holding you back by examining control and your relationship with change

  • Open paths around your roadblocks by re-evaluating your reactions, language, and anger in an effort to practice acceptance

  • Tap into your intuition and create a goal-based plan

  • Acknowledge your needs and learn how to practice self-love and self-care in a practical way for your life

This course will transform your relationship with yourself and others. You will gain the tools you need to move forward and access what you have always wanted.


students are saying…


“The mornings that I listen to an episode on the way to work are my most positive and happy days. The messages ground me and remind me to focus on the important things. They help me to find my best self each day and not to let anything or anyone ruin that.”


“The best courses get personal. The instructor makes it clear she's invested in my learning and growing whether I like it or not! Molly's course is, without question, one of the best courses I've ever taken. Through hard-earned wisdom, thoughtful reflection, humor, and compassion, she makes it clear she's got your back as you take steps, at your own pace, to live a happier life.“


“Honestly, I can’t thank you enough for this, the class I listened to on surrender spoke straight to the people pleaser inside of me. I’ve taken so much inspiration from how you spoke about reassociating surrender from giving up to being free. I’ve been journaling my own experiences as I go and can’t wait - this course has already influenced me.”

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This course includes on-the-go audio experiences

Inside the four week course you will receive:

  • Over 3 hours of downloadable motivational audio

  • 8 themed guided meditations, designed to empower, manifest and relax

  • Lessons filled with directed questions, humor, and stories designed to relate and help you realize how you can create your own happiness -  no matter what

  • Practical tools to use in everyday situations to alleviate emotional pain and frustration

  • Real examples of how I have overcome challenges and how you can put these strategies into practice

  • All content has lifetime access - you can revisit the audio episodes, guided meditations and journal prompts whenever a new challenge arises

  • All audio episodes and guided meditations are downloadable and able to be used on any device

This course is designed for you.

Is this course for you?

  • Do you have big dreams but can’t seem to figure out how to make them happen?

  • Are you ready to let go but don’t know how?

  • Do you want to build your self esteem?

  • Do you feel like you’re settling in your life?

  • Do you want to learn how to love yourself?

  • Are you sick of feeling angry?

  • Do you want to stop dwelling on decisions?

  • Are you tired of feeling like a victim?

  • Are you wondering how other people are achieving their dreams but you haven’t?

  • Do you struggle with acceptance?

  • Do you want to be free of resentments?

  • Do you want to bring more love into this world?

  • Do you want to stop the mindless chatter in your brain?

  • Do you want to start feeling brave and courageous?

  • Are you afraid of the unknown?

  • Do you feel ready to make a shift in your life?

  • Are you ready to live happy- now?


experience an audio episode and guided meditation sample for free 

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 This course will transform your relationship with yourself and others. You will gain the tools you need to move forward and access what you have always wanted.


are you ready to start owning your s#!t and living happy?

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students are saying…


“I started my day with the most beautiful class on letting go followed by a soothing meditation by Molly! Go and check out what this lady is doing!!!! Her audio course has already made such a difference”


 “Reasons you should get the audio course by Molly

  1. You want to own your shit and live happily (seriously don’t we all just want to be happy?!

  2. You can listen to it ANYWHERE!

  3. Instant gratification… you order, you listen, you start learning to own your shit right away (learning is the key word here!

  4. Molly’s voice is literally the most calming and beautiful voice ever and you will wish the sessions were longer… this is guaranteed!"

Get yours now!!”