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Inside this e-cookbook, are handcrafted, plant-based soup recipes that are both quick and delicious. These recipes are accessible to the beginner and to the advanced - with easy to follow instructions, ingredient break downs, and more.

Explore new flavors, visit new food markets, and allow this book to transport you - both in flavor and experience.

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Why an all digital book?

When we downsized from our 1000 square foot house into our 152 square foot camper, I had to get rid of all of my cookbooks. I wanted to create a cookbook that works for everyone, regardless of their space limitations.


Why only ten recipes?

Quality over quantity. Most cookbooks have tons of recipes, but you only make a handful. I am giving you my top ten soup recipes, that I make time and time again. I don’t want to just fill a cookbook to fill it, I want to be intentional about sharing only the recipes that I love and make on a regular basis.


Is it just for vegans?

No. In fact, I’m not a vegan either. These recipes are delicious. Period. Regardless of the fact that they are plant based, you will not miss anything in these soups.


I don’t really buy cookbooks - why should I buy this one?

This is more than just a cookbook. This is an opportunity to have new experiences with your food, try new flavors, and visit new stores. This cookbook will give you something to talk about, it will elevate your dinner experience and you’ll even learn a thing or two along the way.


How difficult are these recipes?

Not very difficult at all. We’ve had recipe testers of all abilities be successful in executing them. Every single person stated they couldn’t believe what they were able to create as a result of this book.


Are these recipes very time consuming?

No. Many have a prep time of just 20 minutes and almost all will have your homemade soup on your table within an hour.


the reviews are in….

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This Carrot Ginger is so good, full of flavor, a full serving of veggies in every bowl!

 “Just made the Israeli Lentil soup from Soup Share and it’s DELICIOUS!!!”


“I decided to try the Potato Leek first and it was delicious! Perfect with some crusty soda bread. Can't wait to try another one.”

Soup share saves dinner once again!
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Chef Jonathan Pooler

author + chef

jonathan pooler

Jonathan Pooler has been cooking professionally for over ten years. With experience in a wide range of kitchens, Jonathan loves creating and experimenting with various types of cuisines. Jonathan aims to create a movement in the way people experience their food. In our culture of fast food and quick meals, Jonathan hopes his cookbooks will ignite your passion for cooking and enjoying what you create.


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this book is not just for vegans

simple but transformative

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