10 minute de-stress yoga flow


Looking to de-stress after a long day at work? This ten minute yoga flow will settle your nervous system and allow your body to calm before bed. We will focus on our breathing, releasing our spine, chest and shoulders. Feel free to grab a blanket and pillow to make this practice more restorative!


de-stress yoga poses

seated side stretch yoga pose

seated side stretch

Ground down through your sit bones and create one long line in your spine

Place your right hand on the mat beside you

Lift your left arm up and over towards the right side of the room, over your left ear

Press into your left hip to create a side stretch

Pull your shoulders back and away from your ears

With each exhale, extend your left fingertips a little further

cow yoga pose
cat yoga pose


Start in tabletop position, hands under shoulders and knees under hips

Your toes can be tucked or untucked

On your inhale, drop your belly, press your shoulder blades together and gaze forward

As you exhale, round the spine upward, bring your gaze toward your navel

Continue to move through rounds of cat and cow or bring in any additional movements here

MODIFICATION - Place a blanket underneath your knees in tabletop to alleviate knee pain

puppy yoga pose

puppy pose

From tabletop position, slowly begin to walk your hands forward and lower your chest

Be mindful to keep your hips above your knees

Bring your shoulder blades back and relax your neck

You can place your forehead or chin on the mat

MODIFICATION - Place a bolster or pillow under your chest to make the pose more accessible

thread the needle yoga pose

thread the needle

Thread The Needle

From tabletop position, inhale and lift your right arm towards the sky

As you exhale, bring your right arm through the opening in your left arm

Rest your right shoulder and right temple to the mat

Allow your back and shoulders to relax away from your ears

MODIFICATION - You can keep your left hand still, walk it forward or bind it behind your back

cobra yoga pose

cobra pose


Place your hands outside of your shoulders

Press into your palms, squeezing your elbows into your sides

On your inhale, begin to lift the chest up, press the tops of your feet into the mat and gaze forward or up towards your third eye

MODIFICATION - Sphinx Pose, Rest your forearms on the mat, elbows below shoulders, slightly lift

wide legged child's pose

wide legged child’s pose

Bring your big toes to touch, and knees out towards the edge of your mat

Release your hips back to your heels, as you sink deeper into the posture

Rest your forehead on the mat

Your hands can be stretched forward or down by your sides

MODIFICATION - Traditional Child’s Pose, knees together, hands down by your feet

supine twist yoga pose

supine twist

Bring your right knee into your chest

With your left hand, slowly bring your right knee over to the left side of your body

Keep both shoulders on the mat

Relax your entire body, pulling your shoulders away from your ears

With each exhale, gently twist

MODIFICATION - Place both knees together for a less intense stretch or use a block to bring the floor closer to your knee

savasana yoga pose


Lay down on your back

Relax your entire body

Palms can face up

Bring a pillow to your low back or under your knees

MODIFICATION - Legs up the wall is a good alternative if lying on your back is uncomfortable


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