10 minute grounding guided meditation


Allow yourself ten minutes to ground and center. Use this guided meditation at any point today - whether in the morning to intentionally begin your day, in the middle to recenter or at the end to let the day go.

Meditation is not the absence of thought. The goal is not to empty your mind, but simply be in awareness of what thoughts are passing through. This guided meditation is accessible for all levels - whether it’s your first time or if you have a strong practice.

Prepare by finding a comfortable position - either laying down or seated. If you are seated, be sure to rest your feet on the ground, rooting into the earth. Lengthen your spine long, send your shoulders down and back away from your ears. Fix a soft gaze on the video or close your eyes.

Try to listen softly, focusing gently on the words, but not attaching too deeply. When you notice your mind wandering, remind yourself to come back to the video. Be kind to yourself, know that it’s okay to struggle during a meditation. There is no right way to meditate. Even the act being still for ten minutes will have its rewards.



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